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By Laurie

Judo is an Olympic sport. If you saw any of the 2012 London Olympics on the TV and were not impressed then don’t worry. Most Judo players find watching Judo on the TV harder than being on the mat. Olympic players are at the top of their game. When you see this level of Judo you are watching an athlete implement a complex strategy which has been worked out by player and coach over a number of years.
The moves and techniques in Judo are taken from the Japanese martial art of Jujitsu. In Jujitsu the idea of each technique is to maim, injure or even kill the opponent. So, Jigoro Kano took the Jujitsu techniques and transformed them into what we now know as the Judo. People often forget that ‘martial’ arts are war like arts. These are ancient forms of self defence. What this means to the Judo practitioner is that he or she can practice techniques to completion. This is, of course, not possible with martial arts. It important to remember that much of the training ethos and self discipline required for the martial arts is just as important for the practice of judo.

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