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So that’s the general introduction to Judo and it’s been very quick and has covered only one small aspect of Judo which is the competition and it’s origins. The important thing about Judo is that there are immense amounts of other bits of Judo that we’ve not discussed yet and we’ll come on to talk about those now.

In the U.K. there are a number of Judo organisations, the two largest being the British Judo Association and the British Judo Council. The British Judo Council are now affiliated to the British Judo Association. There are a number of other Judo organisations within the U.K., there are also a number of Judo clubs which train under the banner of Budo or Martial Arts. Although Judo’s a minority sport in the U.K. when compared with say football or rugby, there’s still a lot of choice if you know what it is you want to get out of Judo then it’s possible to find a club that can deliver that.

Aylwin Judo Club South East London SE16

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