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So what can you expect when you join a Judo club? Well the first thing is you will be exposed to a degree of Japanese culture, for example when you enter the Judo club as you enter the main door it’s customary to stop and bow. Depending upon the layout of the club you may have to go to the changing rooms to get changed into your Judo suit, otherwise know as a Judo Gi. The Judo Gi is a white cotton garment – the top part, the jacket, is very strong as are the trousers. It’s possible to pick a fully grown adult up by the lapels of the jacket of the Judo suit. To be properly dressed for the Judo mat one should be wearing a Judo suit, this is white trousers and the white gi and a Judo belt. The Judo belt is the only thing that will distinguish the difference between the ability of each player. (You may see or have seen blue judo suits. These are intended for competition and televised judo to assist referees and spectators.)

You should also be wearing some Zori’s on the feet. In the U.K. we usually wear flip flops. In addition to this it’s normal, in fact it’s compulsory, for female players to wear a white t-shirt under the jacket and to make sure that anyone with long hair has it tied back appropriately. This is not only for hygiene purposes but it’s also for safety in that it’s highly likely the hair will get pulled. Whilst on the subject of hygiene it’s important that Judoka, or people that practice Judo, have clean feet, clean hands, short clean nails on both the feet and the hands, and that they’ve brushed their teeth recently! In the UK and Europe, it is common for all people practicing judo to be referred to as Judoka. In Japan, this title is reserved for people who have attained the rank of 4th Dan Black belt.

Aylwin Judo Club South East London SE16

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